Aims & Objectives

  1. To safeguard human rights as enshrined in the United Nations Charters, to set up branches all over the World/India for creating public awareness about their rights.
  2. To demonstrate and promote awareness programs on human rights through seminars, lectures meeting etc. and by publishing literatures, newspapers and periodicals etc.
  3. To fight against all types of violations of human rights and put an end to violence, oppression and atrocities on the people.
  4. To protect and safeguard the interests of innocent victims of police atrocities and mitigate their hardships.
  5. To provide legal aid and assistance to the victims & the poor of all communities.
  6. To work for ensuring the effective implementation of Right to Information, Right to free and compulsory Education, Right to Food and Protection of Women from Domestic Violence.
  7. To wage a war on drug-traffickers, women traffickers and drug addicts; & to fight against any type of socio-economic & political corruption.
  8. To investigate any incident on violation of human rights for fact finding.
  9. To launch a vigorous campaign against the apathetic and inhuman behavior of government employees towards the public and remind them to their duties and responsibilities as servants of the public.
  10. To take appropriate measures, legal or otherwise to restore the rights, hopes and aspirations of the oppressed individuals, serving in private, public and other organizations.
  11. To produce films and documentaries for educating the mass on their rights, duties and responsibilities to the society.
  12. To acquire, start, establish, aid, run, manage and maintain schools in various parts of India, with an objective to provide pre-primary and primary education of the rural & semi-urban poor, irrespective of caste, sex, creed and religion.
  13. To encourage, propagate and promote art and literature by conducting classes in classical dance, music, drawing, painting etc.
  14. To acquire, start, establish, aid, run, manage and maintain computer education centers, disaster management institutions & vocational training schools.
  15. To open and establish charitable dispensaries and institutions for better treatment to the general public in various parts of India and also organize Blood Donation Camps, Eye Camps and General Medical Camps for rural and semi-urban poor.
  16. To provide aids, grants and other financial assistance to Hospitals, Nursing homes, Clinics, Charitable dispensaries and other establishments for medical relief to the financially weak and physically challenged persons and health development of poor children.
  17. To establish Children’s Land (Home) for the street and orphan children & Senior Citizens Land (Old Age Home) in various parts of India with an objective to provide a honorable life to helpless children and old persons irrespective of sex and caste.
  18. To rehabilitate convicts released from jail and explore avenues for their employment.
  19. To provide legal assistance to distressed and separated couple. To take necessary steps to resolve their problems amicably by setting up counselling center.
  20. To launch sustained campaigns for the relief of people affected by natural calamities, disasters such as famine, drought, floods, cyclones, earthquake, pestilence and epidemics etc.
  21. To launch awareness campaigns for upliftment of society such as Anti-Dowry system Polio vaccination, Road safety, Plantation, Forest preservation, Rain Water Preservation, Soil Preservation, Pollution Control etc.
  22. To work for protection of environment. Launch crusade against environmental destruction.
  23. (i) To affiliate such other recognized institute, bodies, societies whose objects are fully or in part similar
    (ii) To engage and assist such other philanthropic activities as may be deemed appropriate by the Governing Body of the Society.
    (iii) To do all such acts, deeds, matters and things as may be deemed incidental or conductive to the foregoing objects.