About Us

  1. AIOHRAP is a valiant, fearless, impartial, neutral and independent organisation that fights and writes against crime, corruption in Society, against anti-Nationalism, inhuman activities against social injustice and any type of violation of human rights and with the strength of the Court and the Media it brings improvement and also creates awareness in the minds of the Governed and the Governing.
  2. AIOHRAP fights against communalism and terrorism and is determined for establishing peaceful atmosphere everywhere.
  3. AIOHRAP is a revolutionary organisation to enlighten and strengthen the name and fame of Human Rights in the country.
  4. AIOHRAP is a social helping hand and an organisation for the ignored, disregarded, overlooked, victimised, oppressed, depressed, tortured people of the society and it cultivates awareness in them with regard to their Rights.
  5. AIOHRAP is an organisation which fights sincerely to protect the rights of the victims. Time to time it collects problems, complaints and grievances of the sufferers as also anti-social, anti-governmental activities and negotiate with or places them infornt of prevailing government, administration, media, police and court.
  6. AIOHRAP is creating a favorable atmosphere of Art, Culture, Literature, Sports Amiability and Assistance.
  7. AIOHRAP has been amalgamating, integrating and unifying the intellectuals, youths, students, women, businessmen, authors, poets, writers, social workers into a single unit for the protection of Human Rights.
  8. AIOHRAP has been organising different meetings, seminars, conventions, assemblies, conferences, cultural programmers, health camps youth camps and judiciary camps since inception for the protection of Human Rights and for Hospitable Environment.
  9. AIOHRAP is prepared to provide all possible assistance for rehabilitation of socially, economically and psychologically depressed and victimised people.